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Zamak 8 / Zinc Alloy 8 / ZL 8 / ZL0810 / ZnAl8Cu1 (EN1774 Standard Ingot)


A good gravity casting alloy, Zamak 8 is rapidly growing for pressure die casting. ZA-8 can be hot chamber die cast, with improved strength, hardness and creep properties over ZAMAK’s, with the exception of a zamak 2 alloy which is very similar in performance

ZA-8, or zinc aluminum alloy, contains significantly more aluminum than the Zamak group of alloys. ZA-8 contains approximately 8.4% aluminum and is the only ZA alloy that can be hot-chamber die cast, an important consideration when selecting a material for a component

It is ideal for decorative applications
Zamak 8 has excellent finishing and plating characteristics and was originally developed as a permanent mold alloy
In terms of mechanical performance, ZA-8 has the highest creep strength of any zinc alloy and the highest strength of any hot-chamber die cast zinc alloy

Product of Origin : Turkey (Our Production)

Min Order             : 5tons  (FOB 25 tons / EXW  5 – 25 tons)

20 DC Container  : 25 tons

Delivery Time       : 3 – 7 days after full payment

Factory Location  : Kocaeli / Turkey

Loading Ports        : Port of Evyap – Yilport –  DP World

Payment Term      : 100% TT  ( 30% deposit + 70% before loading )

LME Price will be confirmed after the deposit payment has been confirmed.

For lme official closing price quotation , must be send information

  1. Customer pay deposit
  2. We produce order in our factory
  3. Customer quote LME price until loading
  4. We prepare final invoice
  5. Customer pay balance amount.
  6. Customer shipping agency pick up from our factory. (for EXW)

Zamak 8 Specifications

Chemical Composition

General Mechanical Properties

General Physical Properties