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High Grade Zinc

Zinc Ingot HG 99.98% / Iran Origin

The Zinc metal is most commonly used as an anti-corrosion agent. Galvanization, which is the coating of iron or steel to protect the metals against corrosion, is the most familiar form of using zinc in this way

Iranian producers produce zinc in various qualities, but there are no fixed analysis standards published by the companies. What they usually consider is the lead (Pb) ratio in the analysis. Some analyzes do not have Al and Sn values

High Grade Zinc Ingot

Origin : Iran

High Grade Zinc Iran Origin Chemical Analysis / HG 99.98%

Analysis  ( %) Zinc / HG 99.98%
Zn 99.98
Sn ≤0.005
Pb ≤0.010
Fe ≤0.010
Cu ≤0.005
Cd ≤0.010
Al ≤0.010
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