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high grade zinc ingot

Zinc Ingot HG 99.98% / Kazakhstan Origin

The Zinc metal is most commonly used as an anti-corrosion agent. Galvanization, which is the coating of iron or steel to protect the metals against corrosion, is the most familiar form of using zinc in this way

99.98% analyzed zinc ingot produced by Kazzinc. The company, which is the largest zinc producer in Kazakhstan, produced 293 thousand tons of zinc in 2019

High Grade Zinc Ingot

Origin : Kazakhistan
Brand : Kazzinc

High Grade Zinc Kazakhstan Origin Chemical Analysis / HG 99.98%

Analysis ( %) Zinc / HG 99.98%
Zn 99.98
Sn ≤0.001
Pb ≤0.010
Fe ≤0.003
Cu ≤0.001
Cd ≤0.003
Al ≤0.005
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